Slide (working title)

image: Michaël bloos

Work in progress 2020
A spatial performance setting in which photographic images, scenography and sound engage in a dialogue with each other, the spectator and the performers. While scenes are set in motion, a dark landscape opens up.
In the first phase of this creation process Evelien Cammaert started photographing on a 35mm slide film. A medium that is both direct and mysterious. Direct, because it produces a transparent image that becomes visible, simply by shining a light through it. However, from the moment of recording until projected by a slide projector, the image has traveled a mysterious path. A slide film, or reversal film, undergoes a complex development process in the darkroom and the result differs from lab to lab, from light source to light source and from the plane and frame onto or through which it is projected.

The experience of the photographic image, influenced by different circumstances, atmospheres and temporal and spatial conditions is the field of research in this piece.
The border between concrete reality and subjective abstraction is alternately shown and blurred, while you walk into an ever-changing universe of painting-like images, abstract planes, frames, shadows and distortions.                                        

Concept, performance and images: Evelien Cammaert;
dramaturgy: Alice van der Wielen; scenography: Joris Perdieus; sound design: Harpo ’t Hart. Advice: Bart Van den Eynde. Coproduction: Platform 0090/ C-Tact/ Workspace Brussels; residencies:C-Takt Dommelhof, wpZimmer, Performance Art Forum (PAF), Workspace Brussels; Isola Comacina (supported by the Flemish Government).
In collaboration with the Master in Theatre Program, Institute of Performative Arts, Maastricht (NL); Tiny Things vzw

image: evelien cammaert

image: Evelien Cammaert

image: joris perdieus

image: Evelien Cammaert