Absorbing Exposure

performing at Brunakra Residency April 4 2015, 8pm

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On the inside of the body it must be dark, really dark. Maybe even darker at night than by day. Who will ever see this ultimate darkness?

Does our body become darker as the days, months, years pass? Maybe its density grows every day because we absorb what we see? Or do we get lighter, because of the exposure to light?

Why are we afraid of the dark? The darkest place must be the safest place, but yet, in that place, we aren’t even certain of our own existence…

Attending the Brunakra Residency Program, these questions and thoughts arise during the research on photographing the night and the transition from day to night, from light to dark, and how this relates to theatre. The theatre room is often a pre-eminently dark place in order to show our imagination (for example, by the use of theatre lighting) instead of the reality.

I often look for ways to undo this border and want to show the magical reality itself and how that triggers my imagination.


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