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Evelien Cammaert (Brussels, 1986) is a visual and performance artist. She studied photography (BA, Luca Brussels, Narafi, 2010) and performance (BA, MA at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts, 2016, 2021). From her background and studies in these disciplines grew a fascination for interactions that take place between the realities of the different media and contexts she works with.
Her research focuses on the relationships between image and memory, landscape and the experiencing body and results in performances and installations, videos, prints and objects.

With a focus on our perception of time and a phenomenological approach to our sensory truths, she seeks to pull herself and the viewer out of daily acceleration in her creative process and presentations. She considers deceleration as a vehicle to establish deep concentration and an inquisitive attitude. Out of her photography, she often creates dark, intimate environments and compositions in which she explores how a physical and emotional relationship can emerge with photographs and the light, colours and atmosphere they emit.

With the support of the Flemish Government, Tiny Things vzw, Platform 0090, C-Takt